ZEHNDER Pressure drainage - proven a thousand times

In our new brochure ‘Pressure drainage – an economic alternative‘ you can find all information to our pumping stations with polyethylene chamber Basic or Comfort. Furthermore, you can find answers to the following questions:

What is pressure drainage?
Why polyethylene chambers instead of concrete chambers?
What are the advantages of using Zehnder?

Also you will find information about the applicable pumps of the series:

Titelseite Druckentwässerung enZPG50

as well as the pump control units ZPS 1.1 and ZPS 2.1.

Moreover, you will find a checklist at the end of the brochure which will help to find the best solution and most suitable equipment for your application. Just fill in your requirements and send the list to us. Our technicians will give you expert advice for your application. The brochure is available in our download section or here.


Zehnder - ready to go

For this reason sanitary wholesalers, pump-specialist shops and installers admire us:

At Zehnder Pumps you will get all pump systems and stations delivered as a complete package including the entire accessories. Quick and easy installed, a Zehnder one works reliable and quite for many years.
What else could you ask for?

Pumps for house and garden

Floodings, cellars filled with water, wells full of useful water, silted garden ponds?

Zehnder products from the area of house and garden such as submersible waste water pumps, deep-well pumps, garden pumps or rainwater utilisation systems can be found in specialist shops. Talk to your installer, home automation wholesaler or pump-specialist trader or contact our sales department at info@zehnder-pumpen.de or call +49 (0)3774/52-100.

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